Pantomime of Wealth

by Latin Quarter

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Harmeet Singh-Randhawa
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Harmeet Singh-Randhawa As Nomzamo is laid to rest, the envious, red-white-blue supporters of neo-nazi in-breeding need timely reminding

We are many. We are the producers
They cannot eat their money

Viva El Cue (LQ !) Favorite track: The Pantomime of Wealth.
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(English text below)
"Pantomime of Wealth" ist das mittlerweile vierte Album von Latin Quarter seit 2012 und die Band stuft es als ihre bis dato stärkste Produktion ein. Neben den politischen Songs der Band über die Superreichen, die Angst vor Bomben oder einen Terroranschlag in London, beinhaltet das Album auch einige sehr persönliche Titel, z.B. über das Thema „Liebe und Matheprüfung“. Die meisten Texte stammen von Sänger Steve Skaith, einige von Michael McNeal, (der im wirklichen Leben Fussballscout ist), und zwei Texte vom hochgelobten Latin Quarter-Texter Mike Jones, der früher festes Mitglied der Band war.

Am Bass ist einmal mehr YoYo Buys und - als Überraschung - Mary Carewe dabei, eine Sängerin, die schon für zahlreiche Alben von Künstlern wie Joe Cocker die Backing Vocals eingesungen hat und in einigen der bekanntesten Konzerthallen der Welt aufgetreten ist, darunter in der Londoner Royal Albert Hall und der Carnegie Hall in New York.
Latin Quarter were formed in 1984 but came to most people’s attention in 1986 with the success of their first album, ‘Modern Times’. Featuring hit songs such as ‘Radio Africa’ and ‘The New Millionaires’ it sold over 300,000 copies and was described by the New York Daily news as ‘One of the most exquisite electro-pop albums ever to come out of England.’ ( April 25th 1986)

For the next 4 years, Latin Quarter toured constantly, played main stages such as the one at the Glastonbury festival whilst making three other successful albums. The band line-up split in 1990 but two founding members, Steve Skaith and Richard Wright carried on working as Latin Quarter with new musicians, and two more albums – ‘Long Pig’ and ‘Bringing Rosa Home’ were produced. These albums featured Martin Ditcham (Sade, Chris Rea) John McKenzie (Seal et al) and Blair Cunningham (Paul McCartney, Haircut 100, Pretenders).
The range of musicians (recently including Chris Rea) who have worked in depth with Latin Quarter over the years shows the attraction of the music and songs.

In 2012 Steve Skaith was able to reform Latin Quarter with 3 of the very original members – Steve Jeffries, Yona Dunsford and Greg Harewood. Two new albums were produced - ‘Ocean Head’ and ‘Tilt’ – both to critical acclaim, before in 2015 Greg and Yona left to pursue their own projects.

In 2016, the band – with new members Martin Ditcham (again) and Yo Yo Buys (Roachford, The Christians) recorded the album ‘The Imagination of Thieves’ which is seen by most people as the best of the recent 3 albums, and received excellent reviews. Live, they were joined by the very original LQ drummer, Richie Stevens whose credits include Tina Turner, Simply Red, Oleta Adams, Joan Armatrading, among many, many others.

Latin Quarter has not lost the spark that ignited their souls in the early '80s. Their 2016 album, THE IMAGINATION OF THIEVES, is perhaps their finest full-length since their 1985 debut album, MODERN TIMES ….Latin Quarter is still one of the most musically and lyrically relevant bands in Pop music today. (Stephen SPAZ Schnee - Discussions

Latin Quarter are now on the fourth album since 2012. Entitled ‘Pantomime of Wealth’, the band see it as their strongest production to date. The songs are variously very political for our times (as you would expect) but there are also some much more personal tracks. On bass is Yo Yo Buys and the added surprise is Mary Carewe, vocalist in her own right who has sung backing vocals on numerous recordings from Steps to Joe Cocker and has performed at iconic venues around the world including the Royal Albert Hall, London and Carnegie Hall, NY.


released April 13, 2018





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Track Name: The Pantomime of Wealth

It was the wedding of the year I’d say, if not the century
The helicopter taxis filled the sky
And the dress cost a country
And our job was to sit and stare, open-mouthed
And reflect on our place in this lottery.

Here’s the renaissance man from the 80’s band talking to the oligarch
He’s heard all the rumours but he wants to find out for himself
But the daughter assures him they’re fans of human fights
So he’ll sing for his supper in this pantomime of wealth
In this worldwide pantomime of wealth.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Make room for the butlers, the maids, the domestic help
Some will get smart uniforms, others hidden beneath the stairs
Extras in this pantomime of wealth.

It was the wedding of the year I’d say, if not the century
The helicopter taxis filled the sky and the dress cost a country
And our job was to sit and stare, open-mouthed
And reflect on our place in this lottery.
In this worldwide pantomime of wealth
In this worldwide pantomime of wealth

We are many, they are few.
Track Name: Beat the Air
Beat the Air

Lying in her bed,
Counting the planes and hoping they all come home
From the raids to night in Coventry or Bremen
Huddled on a basement floor,
Praying that those planes would just go home
Back to whatever hell they came from.

Beat the air
Screams howl into silence
Tear the bonds
Their humanity willnever save them
Never save them

She holds her children close
Hoping the God she has is watching still
To answer these young bewildered questions
As the city falls
Where are the heroes she can cling to?
In this war so hard and full of deception

Beat the air
Screams howl into silence
Tear the bonds
Their humanity will never save them
This cruel sky
This heartless rain will never soothe them
The only truth, the only truth we can be nothing
We can be nothing

Members in the chamber speechify
Regret the loss of every innocent life
We go to war for honour and for pride
Now every year is 1939
Track Name: Oh Mexico
Oh Mexico

She said it’s worse now boy
Than when you first stepped off the plane.
Corpses now at 10 cents a time.
There’s people here that you can just buy then betray
I don’t feel like this country is mine.
Government pendejos with their smiles and suits
Promises, excuses and lies.
A poor politician is a poor politician
They told the truth that time.

Senorita say
Gods packed up and went away
Packed up and took the key
Oh Mexico, Oh Mexico!

She said it never was perfect but just look around
Imagine what it could be.
These mountains, these lakes and these waterfalls
This music, these dances, these feasts.
Frida yes she was only just one of us
But her colours they speak for us all
And the best of us are trying but you’ve got to weep
When the worst of us are running it all.

Una guerra ridícula contra el narco en la que han y siguen muriendo personas inocentes.
Más de doscientos cincuenta mil hasta hoy
Miles de desaparecidos, hombres, mujeres y niños
Que ante los ojos del mundo no valen nada
Periodistas asesinados por reportar la verdad
Una verdad que el gobierno cubre con sangre.

A pointless and failed war on drugs that continues to slaughter innocent people
– more than 250,000 to date.
Thousands of men, women and children who have disappeared
Who seem to have no value in the eyes of the world
Journalists murdered for reporting the truth
A truth that the government covers with blood.
Track Name: Niamh

Niamh, you have to believe
That when December hangs above your roof
The winter’s only half the truth
That smile of yours is all the proof you need

Niamh, no tricks up my sleeve
I’m not asking you to take a card
Or make a choice you find too hard
Life’s made of moments we discard and leave

Here’s an ancient saying that I just made up
‘It’s the drowning man who understands it all’
And I know you won’t be throwing me a lifeline
But maybe, just maybe, you could call…

Niamh, it’s you that I breathe
And my breathing tells me I exist
But barely since the last we kissed
Now I’m a paid-up pessimist in need

Niamh, don’t be so naïve
It’s beyond us to right every wrong
Took all I had to write this song
It’s summer now and far too long, indeed

Oh, Niamh,
Oh Niamh…
Track Name: Free As A Bird
Free As A Bird

Here we go again
She’s got something that she wants to talk about.
I can guess
Cos I can see that look in her eyes
There’s a new guy it seems
They’ve been doing more than hanging out
And she asks ‘Don’t I, don’t I too feel something’s gone wrong?’
And I say ‘No
Oh please don’t go’.

I can go out tonight I am free as a bird
Do anything I like I am free as a bird
With anyone I like I am free as a bird
I just can’t fly back to her
I just can’t fly back to her.

Don’t it always seem
The moment the star is shining brightest
That’s when they end the dream
Maybe it’s just me who got it wrong again
But I don’t want
I don’t want this thing to just slip away
Cos love like this don’t grow on trees
No matter what my friends say
I say ‘No
Oh please don’t go.’
Track Name: A Bit Part In Life Itself
A Bit Part In Life Itself
(Skaith / Jones)

He sent his little girl away with fifty cents
When fifty was four times her age
He had head full of headlines and higher rents
And all the world’s a stage.
But then his ardour turned to harder
Turned to turnip greens
Stacked up on a supermart shelf
He had to settle down to living out in Santa Clara
And a bit part in life itself

You’re too close lady
You come too close
To some people’s comfort
You come too
Too close lady

She saw the train pull out at half past eight
And it ate up all the past as it went
And a young man sweeping up the marshalling yard
Helped her when the fifty was spent
But then a bedding turned to wedding
Turned to other women
And he didn’t even do it with stealth
So she left him to his exits and entrances
And his bit part in life itself

She gave the flatlands up for a northern town
And working in a lady’s room
Where the famous play a game of courting her
And send her the occasional bloom
But flowers wilt in hours
Limp in lonely nights
In apartments that can pull apart your health
But she’s put more into living in a hundred days
Than a bit part in life itself.
Track Name: Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover
(Skaith / Jeffries)

I think you’re right
My faith was slipping back
I think you’re right
I had my doubts in you
But now you showed me
No battle is won or lost
Until the time
You’re counted out

Now I’ve found my four-leaf clover
Oh I found it it’s true
Such a long, long time
Now the search is over
My four-leaf clover is you.

There is no plan
There’s no intelligent design
Luck is king
I had given up on mine
But you showed me
There’s no battle won or lost
Until the time you’re up on the cross.
Track Name: Trees
(Skaith / MacNeill)

Some are Majestic,
And some will grow lean
Some tower above all the others dominating the scene.
Some will be pictures
Some maybe just frames
Some with deep roots, some never seen again

Some will suffer
Some will thrive
Some cover the skyline, blocking out the sky
Some line the streets
Steering a path
Shedding light on the questions you ask.

Some will blossom
Some wither and die
Some you will find only half alive
Some with histories
Some with no names
Breathing for the planet and all of its shame

Some prime for growth
Some with different barks
Some with inner circles, different creeds and different castes
Some remain majestic
Some crash in a rage
All at different stages, defining our age
Track Name: I Want You
I Want You

Well did I say too much to you
Or take up too much room?
Did I move too fast for you?
Wasn’t it what you wanted
Or was it just too soon?
The last time that I saw you
Imagine my surprise
I told you how I loved you
You said ‘Thank you, I’ll text you
And vanished from my eyes

Oh what can you say?
Oh what can you do?
One day it’s good, next day it’s bad
But I want you.

Well my friends say just forget her
And I’m sure that’s very wise
They are just trying to be helpful
But they haven’t slept in your bed
Never woken up to your eyes.

Is there no end, is there no end?
To where you stop and I begin?
Is there no end, is there no end?
To where you stop and I begin?
Track Name: The Lamentable Ballet
The Lamentable Ballet
(Skaith / MacNeill)

Standing on tiptoe to see the other side of the world
Dropping the flag they want to show unfurled
Dying with elegance, a swan to fall
You never felt so cold with your back against the wall.
Jet from one to the arms of another
Not quite your friend, not quite your lover
A socialite more sinister, connections on high
Dashing arabesque, fingers to the sky.

A call from your mother, your brother’s in arms
Damage to your family, reputations harmed
Adored by so many but loved by so few
A passion for your artistry but not for the curfew
Enjoying all that the west had to offer
Till that disease that you finally suffered
Stage directions when you stepped into the limelight
Forever outcast, the circumstance of sight.

The lamentable ballet
Choreographed with precision
Republic outrage and crowds of derision
From Moscow to Paris
Turn your back to the old
The Lamentable ballet was being retold
The lamentable ballet was being retold.
Track Name: All I Could Do
All I Could Do
(Skaith / MacNeill)

It’s all I could do
To stop the sound of the sirens
And the sounds of the crying
Holding the hands of the shaking
And those of the dying
Those that were praying
Those that were lying.
It’s all I could do
It’s all I could do

It’s all I could do
To walk in silence
To listen to the streets
Can’t immerse in my own world
Of rhymes and beats
Global success, public defeats
It’s all I could do
It’s all I could do

It’s all I could do
To turn off the screen
And look again to a post
That said save your country
And those you love most
Angels with automatic weapons
And the holy ghost
It’s all I could do
It’s all I could do

To know a name and call it aloud
To sense the misery of the scattering crowd
To celebrate the people
That still make me proud
It’s all I could do
It’s all I could do

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